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This is Mutitjulu – the aboriginal settlement right next to the rock.Do not waste your time trying to see it any closer – tourists are not allowed (another 00 fine).Everyone in this world knows Disneyland and each of them gets 10...15 million visitors per year! If we’re to put this country on the map (and develop some tourism in the meantime) we have to open our minds and get out of the stone age. Disney-esque theme parks attractions such as a roller coaster, and BMX trails that tear up the desert are not what Uluru needs.I do believe that it should be a National Park or National monument for the enjoyment of everyone - the locals (the Indigenous Ones) should perhaps come out of the Stone Age to a degree - if they want to stay there, why not let them but if they wish to deal with the likes of tourists and accept money from them, they will need to compromise. And that attitude has already brought this whole planet close to destruction. No wonder the Aborinigals consider it desecration if such a mindset is being 'applied' to one of their holiest sites!True to his explorer genes my son happily ignored the signs and climbed on one of the so called sacred sites – a rock feature about 200 m above the track. He discovered some mysterious artifacts: a broken beer bottle, used condom & bikini... If you are serious law-obeying tourist – please leave your CAMERA in the car (never leave any valuables anywhere else in Aus.).Huge areas of the rock are declared sacred and penalties for photographing such areas (00 or 6000) can make you broke in no time.Failure to comply with the ban shall get you another 00 fine...

gets you 3 days access to the park, and you follow the crowds into the stylish cultural centre (I didn't forget about the information centre – there is none...) Besides some astronomically priced souvenirs/aboriginal art, boomerangs & the likes, the rest of the building is devoted to stories.

You may laugh at me, but they are the only ones in the park (except for the Olga's ones which are about 40 km away).

If you think that you can do it in the bush (after several hours walking or climbing) – think twice!

National or theme, parks are to be enjoyed by the people, not just a few, but most of them.

I don’t think my proposal has anything in common with Disneyland, but even if it does – what is your problem?

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