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These changes are related to some users reporting their O2 would rapidly turn on and off when the batteries were low.This issues seems to be very battery specific (my O2 amps shut down OK).Throw in shipping costs, taxes, title, and insurance, and you can still might headphone amp objective nirvana for under 0.The price details are all in the Bill Of Materials.The BOM and PDF files in the Resources section were revised.MOUSER INVENTORY: As of November 30th everything on the current BOM, except the volume control, is in stock and all prices are correct.For the history see the first article covering the premise, and the second article discussing the design process.THE PRICE DETAILS: All the parts to build the O2’s fully functional circuit board should be around .

Either way it’s a signal your O2 needs to be shut off and charged.THE RESOURCES: Pictured to the right (click for larger) is the final PCB version.Here the resources for the O2 project: POWER CYCLING & NOVEMBER DESIGN CHANGE: I revised R25 from 2.7M ohms down to 1.5M ohms and R9 from 40K down to 33K.” Here are some possibilities: PLEASE DON’T MESS UP A GOOD THING: Many of the smaller commercial audiophile manufactures apparently lack the ability to properly measure the performance of their products.And DIY designers are typically even less well equipped.

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