Online chat without registration over 25 s

It sets username and password and e-mail, for example. Instead of using guest accounts for all guests, we just create an account when they make the first post.

And if you setup this, you'll have no registration form, since every visitor will be automatically registered as a guest user.

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When they would open a channel, they could see what is happening there, but the message input box would be grayed out and a message to register/login to post would be there. I would really like that it can be like: user comes, sees channels (maybe flagged as such), and can read them, and can write an reply.

I think if someone has a URL to a public room, then guest should be able to go right in to that room by use visiting the URL directly.

I'll read through this thread again to make sure that there wasn't something else mentioned in here. One other thing -- if I close my browser (in this case, Safari), and then reopen, and then paste then I get either only the login page, or an error message 'Invalid User'.

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