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Then like a pack of sharks in a feeding frenzy the mob rushes in and takes everything the Smiths have including their food, blankets off the beds, the TV sets and computers, pots and pans, even the refrigerator is hauled out. People in an erratic state of mind will grab everything they can, most riots prove this all too well.The last items to be picked clean are the family’s pets to the screaming pleas of their 9 year daughter not to hurt her dogs.The main conundrum with the vast majority of the population is that they have come to totally expect everything provided for them by someone else, human or machine.This “serve me, as I am the only one that matters” attitude is more than an epidemic in the United States and many other countries.As individuals of ALL ages lose the basic skills of self reliance, and more importantly the desire to do any task for themselves, a ticking time bomb becomes more pronounced for when these services breakdown.

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This would ONLY be regarded as a moderate hit to civilization until a regional war like this actually went global.

Most people can only get by without a few days of food before “snap” reactions begin.

Remember ONLY 1 to perhaps 1 and 1/2% of the people have stocked up for just such an emergency.

After a severe incident, call it an ecomonic collapse, war, Earth changes – it really doesn’t matter – the chain links of food being delivered are now gone.

Through casual conversations somehow a couple of neighbors have figured out the Smiths have food and have alerted others through the gossip channel.

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