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Offering, for the third time, to show her appreciation for the ride was getting tiring as well. "You have a nice night, Ma'am." Maggie pushed the car door open and as she swiveled to kick her feet out, she looked back and said, "If my son's still up, I sure will!

I'd lose my Uber license if I did anything other than drive you home." He wasn't all that attracted to the drunken, middle-aged woman who reminded him of his first wife as it was.

"If you pull up right over there," and she pointed towards a dark patch between two street lights, "I'll show you my appreciation for the ride." She had to fight to keep from slurring her words, even though the driver, a married man who looked well into his thirties, knew that she was pretty drunk. It was chilly, and Maggie had her coat open, having not secured it after giving her driver a full-on view of her matronly breasts.

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She didn't want her little children to find her in the living room on Christmas morning passed out drunk.

She had found other ways to enjoy the evening, not the least of which was giving two blow-jobs in the bathrooms, one in each the men's as well as the women's.

Neither of the men she knew, but she enjoyed their hot loads none the less.

Speaking to the BBC, Ernesto van der Sar, editor of piracy news website Torrent Freak, said: 'The ruling strengthens the position of right holders who would like to see The Pirate Bay and similar websites blocked across Europe.'Whether if will be effective at stopping the general public from accessing The Pirate Bay remains to be seen.'There are plenty of workarounds available that allow people to bypass ISP blockades, including reverse proxy sites and VPN [virtual private network] services.' Pirate Bay's biggest competitor, Extra Torrent, was shut down permanently last month.

A message on the firm's website reads: 'Extra Torrent with all mirrors goes offline..

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