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Much like redoing your subjects, bridging courses allow you to take short courses to improve your marks and potentially get a pre-degree/diploma foundation which could then help you get into a higher education institute should you wish.And while many public schools don’t let you return and repeat just a few subjects and do a bridging course, these institutions do: An extended degree programme is where an institution allows you to study your chosen degree provided you do it over an extended period of time. And while some may feel like this is a bad thing, it just means your workload is lighter and slightly more manageable.The aim of the programme is to provide FREE support to If you didn’t do well in a particular subject or a few subjects, you can redo them at particular institutions.This isn’t the worst thing in the world, especially if you didn’t get into the university of your choice because a few of the subjects you needed for a course didn’t quite cut it.

So do enquire about them – it might make things a whole lot easier.So this is how you go about getting a remark: Results will be released for private schools on 2 January while the Department of Basic Education will release the state NSC matric exam results on 5 January, and the Western Cape NSC results on 6 January.Learners will have to apply for a remark (complete re-assessment of your paper) or recheck (re-counting and calculating the marks) by 19 January and register at either their school or district office in their province to do so.It may feel like the end of the world when you don't get the results you want or, similarly, you don't get into your dream institution.Fathima suggests, however, that although you might have had your heart set on a particular institution, it might be a good idea to apply at another institution that could be a better fit for you.“While your marks may not have been good enough to get access to your first choice of course or institution, that doesn’t mean you have no other study options left.

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