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References Error in IE 10 due to telerik dlls Version=2009.2.826.35 The answer of ihorko worked fine for me.

On windows 2008 server (IIS 7) do what ihorko proposed.

If garbage input is entered or a date out of range is selected the control will internally set its value to null; the visible input field will not clear its contents but will display them with invalid style until a valid value is entered.

However, you will still need to handle possible parsing errors in the client-side On Error event handler of the input component (you can find another example here) as if the input does not contain a valid date it will post empty value to the server and this functionality cannot be turned off.

Just something to bear in mind and watch out for if you decide to use this patch.

During our investigation, we also noticed that this version of Rad Date Picker works fine IE11, just not IE10.

Hello, I have a Rad Date Time Picker control that I would like to validate.I want to prevent a postback from occuring and force the user to correct their input before continuing.I have tried setting the 'Date Input-Causes Validation' to true but this had no affect. NET comparison validator to the field but I get an error about setting focus when doing this.in the date picker as shown below: Instead I want to show a error message to the user "Future dates are not allowed" How can i achieve this?Below is the existing code: Actually we have modified the error handling logic a bit as our original implementation did not seem quite intuitive.

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