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---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Another account of the WITTEN family from this same history was written by the Rev. 29, p age 35 states "a Petitions of Inhabitants of the upper Clinch to the Go v. March 30, 1749, Augusta Co., VA11528, 11528, 11528, d.

Robert WITTEN of the Missouri Methodist Conference in 1906. Salisbury: Enclosed you will find the results of my study of the Witten Family in Maryland which actually occupied more time than the allotted day. 1753 Warrant for a "Resurvey on Small Hope" was issued to Thomas Whitten for 202 acres. of Va.," explaining why they did not march off to NC to fight the Br itish during the late war, claiming their families would have been left a lone and unprotected from the Indians. 1809." Early Families of Eastern and Southeastern Kentucky, by William C .

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Thomas divided his estate among his sons before he died. Then there were Wittens living in Prince Georges County (from which Frederick County was organized) at an early date but from the will it looked as if the testator held no land - anyhow, I could not prove your ancestor, Thomas Witten, up to the sons - John and William. Homer said that the f amily tradition says that the family came to England as early as the 4t h or 5th century, but no records are available before 856, when the fam ily appears in the records of Yorkshire, England. HOWES, Isaac Quin, William Preston, Rebecca who married Mr. About 1805, William Stanley and family moved to Sequatchie V alley, Bledsoe Co., TN. Thomas came to VA in 1771 from the Maryland colony. Pioneer of SW VA; "Crab Orchard" at head of Clinch Rr; DAR Patriot Index for VA: Centennial Edition has birth, death,spouse, a nd PS Cmsry VA. -------------------------------------------------------- DAR Patriot Information WHITTEN Sr, Thomas Birth: MD Service: VA Rank: Patriotic Service, Commissary Death: VA 1785 Patriot Pensioned: No Widow Pensioned: No Children Pensioned: No Heirs Pensioned: No Spouse: Elizabeth Cecil Birth: in Fredericktown, Prince George's (now Frederick) Co., MD Emigration: ABT 1767 MD to Clinch River (now Tazewell Co.), VA Note: Moved to the Crabapple Orchard area Event: Military Battle of Point Pleasant (Lord Dunmore's War) - VA militia Event: taking the Oath of Allegience Misc 1777 VA Death: ABT 1794 Event: Inventory Wythe Co., VA Burial: Amherst Co., VA Father: Thomas WITTEN b: in ENG Mother: Ann CECIL b: ABT 1700 in Barbados, BWI prob. He married Elizabeth Cecil on 1742 in Prince George Co., MD11512, 11513, 11514, daughter of John Cecil and Elizabeth Sollers. September 16, 1745, Frederick Co., MD11528, 11528, 11528, d.

The home estate went to William Stanley who cared for his aged parents during their last years. There are also letters from others following his report. The only other medium of research which I can suggest is the deeds in Cecil County and early Prince Georges as well as other land records which were not covered in this research. WITTENS came to Amer ica about 1632 with the CECILS and CALVERTS, with whom they inter-marri ed. They had four sons who became Methodist preach ers, and seven daughters. Marriage 1 Elizabeth CECIL b: in Prince George's Co., MD c: in New Scotland 100, Prince George Co., VA Married: ABT 1742 in Prince George's Co., MD Children J. [httpmsnho.ged] Served in Captain Daniel Smith's Company of Virginia Militia and fought at the battle of Po int Pleasant October 10, 1774 and was mustered into service on the Virginia Line during the R evolutionary War and served on the Virginia frontier against the Indians during 1776, 1777, a nd 1778.

Homer said that the family tradition says that the family came to England as early as the 4th or 5th century, but no records are available before 856, when the family appears in the records of Yorkshire, England. He signed the conveyance, while his wife, Elizabeth Witten, waived dower before Charles Jones and David Lynn, two Justices of the Peace for Frederick County. The Whitten and Allied Families by Virginia Wood Alexander and W m. Whitten, 1984 states, "James WITTEN was a distinguished hunter an d woodsman by the age of 15 years, chosen to act as a spy, brave and ge neraous and became a conspicious character in border wars.

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DAR Patriot Index for VA: Centennial Edition has birth, death, spouse, and PS Cmsry VA. (See Links) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "History of Tazewell Co. In 1767 Thomas WITTEN and family settled on the Clinch River. In 1753 Thomas Whitten (Witten) remitted quit rents on the following tracts; Small Hope Resurveyed, Trouble Enough, Hope Improved, and Small Hope. On November 18, 1762, Thomas Witten, of Frederick County, Maryland, conveyed to James Perry, of the same county, for a consideration of L12/8/- a portion of "Resurvey on Small Hope Improved" lying on a branch of Sinnacos Creek. Ref: Frederick County Deeds, Liber H, folio 225, Frederick Courthouse. They were long time prominent citizens of Tazewell a nd it is said that James WITTEN brought the first negro slaves into tha t county. I have seen no c ontemporary records to indicate he was named such. His oldest son, Thomas WITTEN had married befor e leaving MD, remained in Bedford Co., VA at the Peaks of Otter, later m oving onward to the Clinch River where he lived for a number of years, t hen returned to Bedford Co., and the descendants in Bedford and Amherst C ounties now use the spelling of WHITTEN.

1741 - 1742 in Augusta, Fincastle Co., Virginia, daughter of John CECIL and Ellizabeth SOLLERS. Bickley's History says that Thomas Witten and John Greenup settled at Crab Orchard, on Clinch River in what is now Tazewell County, in 1771. Crab Apple Orchard had been surveyed in 1750 by Col.

John and Elizabeth G REENUP were the parents of Governor GREENUP of KY. 1765 Thomas Witten received warrant for 1.110 acres of land in Frederick County, Maryland, which was patented to Gerrard Hopkins under the name of "None Left". The last year for which he paid quit rents in the Province of Maryland was 1766. And I think the same can be said on Thomas Witten (b.1753). There was a t that time five unmarried sons and daughter, Elizabeth, had married Jo hn Greenup.

Crab Orchard Fort erected by Thomas Witten on the Crab Orchard Survey Tract, a garrison was stationed there in 1774. Witten was born on 10 September 1719 at Prince George County, Maryland. There was at that time five unmarried sons and daughter , Elizabeth, had married John Greenup. Ref: Debt Books (Frederick County), liber 1753, folio 38. On November 15, 1762, Thomas Witton, of Frederick County, Maryland, Planter, conveyed to John Forrest Davis, of the same county, 137 3/4 acres of "Resurvey on Small Hope Improved". The History of the Settlement and Indian Wars of Tazewell Co., VA by George W. BICKLEY, published in 1852, states Thomas WITTEN and J ohn GREENUP settled at Crab Orchard in the spring of 1771, the land pur chased from Mr. After all, how woul d the Wittens of Maryland even known of Thomas Jefferson? J ca me to prominence in the mid-1700s, maybe so, but President T. wasn't e ven born until 1743, and his namesake uncle and grandfather were not pr ominent to have been known outside the central Virginia planter circles . In 1767 Thomas WITTEN and family settled on the Clinch River.

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Thomas came to VA in 1771 from the Maryland colony. Pioneer of SW VA; "Crab Orchard" at head of Clinch Rr; DAR Patriot Index for VA: Centennial Edition has birth, death,spouse, and PS Cmsry VA. It marks the first settlement in this section of Clinch Valley. The WITTEN and CECIL families were said to have come to America with the CALVERT's and that in 1766 Thomas WITTEN and Samuel CECIL, his brother-in-law, moved from MD to southwest VA and resided temporarily on Walker's Creek in what is present-day Giles County. On March 17, 1767, Thomas Whitten, of Frederick County, Mayland, Planter, conveyed to Nathan Browning, Planter, of the same county for a consideration of L10 a portion of "Hope Improve". Furthermore, a thorough search through all available data on the Calvert family of Maryland fails to prove or infer any marriages between members of the Calvert and Witten families. He states the family of Saxon descen t from Wittenburg, in Prussia and the family emigrated to America at an e arly date, settling in MD at the time of the earliest settlements there . A few years before 1771, T homas WITTEN with his wife, moved from Fredericktown, MD living on Walk er's Creek a year or more and by March 16, 1771 settled on the Clinch R iver at the Crab Orchard west of the present-day Tazewell courthousse. PENDLETO N listed the WITTEN family of Teutonic origin, but left Saxony and migr ated to England as early as the 9th century.

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