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Variety’s the spice of life These are the men who made a lifetime commitment and intend on honoring that commitment, but who’s to stop them from having something different once in awhile?After all, they go through the daily grind at home and at work, so they feel they’re entitled to some R&R.

Like the type of woman who likes a challenge, women are not interested in settling down, so they like to date a man who they know would never propose because he’s been through that process already.Dating a married man is absolutely verboten – at least this was what our mother used to say, but then she was always a religious woman and believed that dating – or just flirting – with someone who is already committed to another is a sin to be ashamed of. “Why bargain your life away with a married man when there are other fish in the ocean?Fish that are free, that is.” Dating a married man is a tricky affair, because there are as many motives as there are personalities.They like to turn on their charms and captivate the female species – especially if they have the face and figure that could launch a thousand ships – but it certainly does not mean that they’re thinking of of cheating on their wives.Even men in conservative professions like to have some fun and engage in small talk and dish out compliments.

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