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Classic cars adorn the parking lot and neon signs in retro fonts greet nostalgic road trippers, while the fifteen "wigwams" (technically more like teepees) feature typical motel comforts including hot showers and cable TV."This is the only place one can sleep with 26 dogs and still get a good night's rest," says Dog Bark Park Inn owner Frances Conklin.Many people have been in the doghouse, but few can say that they've actually slept in one.Then again, the Dog Bark Park Inn, while undoubtedly shaped like a dog -- albeit a dog nine meters high -- is no kennel.Endearing dog-themed designs indoors -- like the 26 carved dogs or dog-shaped cookies -- create a comfortable and quaint atmosphere, belying the staggeringly large (for a beagle, that is) and vaguely Trojan exterior.

The result is a zany explosion for the eyes, starting with a (relatively) demure faux-Swiss Alps exterior and quickly reaching the heights of the outlandish with designer urinals, flooring that looks like it could easily induce fits of epilepsy, en-suite rock showers, whacked-out color schemes and way too many waterfalls. Many of the other rooms content themselves with exciting wallpapers and lurid murals.The real draw of Heceta Head Lighthouse is, obviously, the light.It shines from a 17-meter-high tower, has a reach of 34 kilometers and is "rated as the strongest light on the Oregon coast." A parrot fish -- the least of the many wonders you might see at Jules' Undersea Lodge. In Key Largo, Florida, that doesn't necessarily have to be a death threat. If the prospect seems somewhat intimidating, the "perfect safety record," 24-hour staff and co-developer Ian Koblick's assurance of "independent support systems as well as redundant backup systems" on the website might assuage anxieties.The ship also supposedly benefits (or suffers, depending on how superstitious you are) from a severe infestation of ghosts.Some of the most commonly reported spooks include a lone dancing lady in a fancy white evening gown and a little girl holding a teddy bear.

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