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AVMatch can be like RL site where there is a stigma behind it of being a meat market kind of place, but in reality its such a good outlet for people that are shy, dont really get out and about in SL much or just wanting to escape your current circle of friends and find someone that you wouldnt have the chance to meet otherwise.

Life is back to normal now and SL is a happier place for me.

Particularly if there was a real person matchmaking based on interests or time zones or other criteria.

I'm not so much interested in a personal ad type thing. Was it great, good, boring, so so, or drama ridden stalker level horrific? Abdul, Aimee Weber, Anouk, Aria Dragonash, Ariadne Korda, Aribeth Zelin, Ash Rothmanay, Bard Jameson, Beezle Warburton, Casey Pelous, Castara, Chalice Yao, Dr Fran, eighthdwarf Checchinato, eku Zhong, Elena Olivares, Elysium Hynes, Inhandra, Isabeau Imako, jacqueline trudeau, Jahar Aabye, Khloe, Kira Zobel, Kirari Kujisawa, Kokoro Fasching, Lewis Luminos, Lexbot Sinister, Madison Talon, Maelstrom Eyre, Maggiedoll Alter, Menchor Barbosa, Micaela Darkwatch, Mojo Skytower, Naeve, Nuuna Nitely, Sansarya, Shiloh Lyric, Sonya Marmurek, Sugar The only thing I have done similar to that was once going to something like a speed dating event.

Each Second Life destination has a maturity rating of General, Moderate, or Adult.

You can choose to show or hide destinations based on their maturity rating. Content Guidelines Strange Brew Cafe and the surrounding area is a relaxing meeting place for everyone to enjoy.

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It was a very lonely time in SL for me and I ended up hardly ever logging because of it.

RL doesn't give me much time to have a serious SL relationship so... One thing I did notice is that girls outnumber the guys a lot, which is the total opposite to RL dating sites. this really made me laugh The most adventurous thing I did was taking up hosting a while back, but I stopped now.

I must say though, I will forever be grateful to SL for bringing people from all places together, be it for romance or friendship.

The men and women were assigned numbers, and paired up to dance and every so often would switch dance partners. Anouk, Aria Dragonash, Aribeth Zelin, Bard Jameson, Beebo Brink, Bonita Brianna, Casey Pelous, Chalice Yao, eighthdwarf Checchinato, eku Zhong, Elysium Hynes, jacqueline trudeau, Jahar Aabye, Joodle Fadoodle, Kirari Kujisawa, Madison Talon, Maelstrom Eyre, Marita, Menchor Barbosa, Mercedes, Miss Killian Barbosa, Mojo Skytower, nieve, Nuuna Nitely, ohn lang, Pancake, Quiplash, Rodeejah Urquan, Shiloh Lyric, sldenizen, Space Case I've always thought this was a good idea, despite not having any personal interest in sl dating.

It was actually kinda fun, and I had some polite conversation with a few men, nothing that lasted though I might be inclined to do such an event again some time. Years ago, I did help someone beta test a HUD that could be used for this purpose and other social activities.

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