Separated husband dating Wiltshire escort girl

You begged and pleaded with her to change her mind, to give you another chance. When she didn’t give in, you got mad at her or got depressed.

In short, your actions were geared toward getting her to see that she was making a mistake and that she should change her mind because it’s what really want.

But for her, it was just one of the last steps of a long process. For a long time–maybe years–your wife wanted to be attracted to you, but there was something missing for her in your marriage. She struggled either to improve her marriage with you or to be patient, until her love ran out.

There are a few major reasons why women separate but they all require similar responses.

If you were your wife, what would you conclude about your husband dating other women?

This tactic of being unfaithful to make your wife jealous is only going to be effective with women who still are in love with their husbands.

Even then, it promotes insecurity for the remainder of the relationship and makes the marriage worse for both.

Your friends may encourage you to be unfaithful, but it is the worst thing you could do if you want to reconcile.

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