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The 35th Circuit Court has jurisdiction over felony criminal cases and high court misdemeanors.

In an interview with NPR’s Michigan Radio, Marko had this to say: They wanted to punish her for exercising her First Amendment rights.

And because they disagreed with her, they were going to drive her out.

What’s even more hopeful is that maybe Johnson’s case will set a legal standard that will help to reverse Michigan’s extremely reactionary LGBT rights record, and move things toward ensuring real protection for not just a pro-LGBT diversity club, but also for actual out LGBT teachers like Johnson.

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Yet Johnson claims that because of the incident she “found herself ostracized” over time and that eventually resulted in her firing.

Rose is a 25-year-old Detroit native currently living in Austin, TX, where she is working on her Ph.

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That may be what happened at Corunna High School, near Lansing, MI.

A former high school teacher, Brook Johnson, claims she was fired by the district for advising a Diversity Club that promoted LGBT equality, including by putting up posters of “influential people in the gay and lesbian community.” Her diversity club experience was supposedly part of bad reviews she received before her firing, and now she’s suing the Corunna School District, with the aid of the ACLU.

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