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Caucusing and choosing the next leader of the free world: Hometown dates, and we get right into it as Andi is visiting Nick in Milwaukee.

Then we see Andi explain "mental connection" to a 9-year-old and I weep for the future. First up is a tour of Chris' house, and it's pretty cute! I'm guessing Andi has never seen a tractor before, and I'm kind of embarrassed when Chris takes her inside of it and lets her drive.

" It is now my goal in life to get Jill Biden to retweet me.: Rose ceremony time and it's important to point out that Nick is wearing a linen jacket in a shade that I can only describe as "dusty rose." I got that from the JC Penney catalog circa 1984.: As predicted, Chris was very hot (and got a haircut before this ceremony) and Marcus did not get a rose.

It's actually a pretty touching moment and I don't want to say anything more about it.Instead, let's talk about Jill Biden, who tweets during the show.She just gave Chris' mom some love with this tweet: "Forget Chris, just give Linda the rose!He leaves Andi, only to return in a pilot costume to perform a strip tease. I've been there twice and it was the same experience for me.Then a topless (and bottomless, really) Marcus and Andi make out on a leather couch that has seen its share of sweaty butts. Something else that happened: Marcus said "I do love you very much." And that seems like a little much.: Marcus and Andi head over to his family's house.

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