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I don't know how to address the broken trusts and friendships without saying, "I'm sorry for trying to kill myself," and I think that is a ridiculous statement. A: I’m not quite sure what your doctors meant by “repairing” your community at the treatment center, but I agree that you do not have to apologize for being suicidal.

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The doctors have told me to make a "repair" to the community.

For another, it frankly just creeps me out to see a child's face homing in on mine for a kiss while making full eye contact; I've taken to swerving and giving him a kiss on the cheek and a hug, or kissing my hand and putting it on his face in a silly way, but I can't do this forever.

A friend points out that this is an opportunity to start teaching about consent (When he's playing too roughly with his sister, my mantra is, "If everyone's not having a good time, you have to stop.") My concern is that now that my stepson feels comfortable and safe with me, how do I tell him that I don't want his "love”?

Some perennial advice: If you feel yourself about to say something terrible, stuff your mouth full of delicious, dry saltines until you can’t speak.

This will buy you at least a full minute of silence, and perhaps the urge will pass in the meantime. Dreading an awkward Thanksgiving: One of the highlights of our Thanksgivings is when my wife brings the turkey to the table wearing a Mrs. She has done it for years and the table is always full of smiles!

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