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Updating your scan engines in a timely fashion is critical in the fight against viruses and spam.

You may update all of your engines using one job, create a different job to update each engine, or create several jobs to update various combinations of engines.

The most efficient way to update antivirus signatures is to create a redistribution job to download them to a single staging server.

Towards the middle of September, I got warning messages that the site was approaching the limit.

After talking with my provider, the bandwidth got doubled to 6 GB and all was well, or so we thought.

My name is Joe Anderson, and I work with the CSS Security Support Team.

Having firsthand experience with customers, I wanted to give some insight into things that we request when troubleshooting a particular issue.

More discussions; more money changes hands, and the bandwidth was increased to 10GB.The Spam Cure Engine stops updating and after 2 days, i am buried with spam.I tried many things to fix the problem, but i always end up rebooting my server to fix it. I am starting to think it was a dns/resolving issue.Well, Model Engine News has had its own domain name for three months and has been hosted on a server in the USA for the same time period.I started out with 3 gigabytes of "bandwidth" at the end of August—that's the allocation of bytes that can be downloaded by the world at large during each calendar month before bad things happen.

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