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In fact the trust's human resources director Shirley Chipperfield sent out a memo warning that Dr Saiger might 'play the race card'.

Mr Skilbeck denied grabbing Dr Saiger or making the racial remarks about her being 'the wrong colour', but the tribunal said that on the balance of probabilities it preferred her version of events. However, trust chief executive Carole Heatly, while apologising to Dr Saiger, claimed the outcome was a 'good' one.

The 42-year-old single mother showed such determination she obtained a first class degree, a Master's and then her doctorate while still working.

But she was sacked after three years as a £42,000-a-year assistant director of nursing at the Cumberland infirmary in Carlisle and the West Cumberland Hospital, Whitehaven.

The employment tribunal ruled unanimously that she had endured an 'intimidating, hostile, degrading, humiliating or offensive environment' during her time with the North Cumbria Acute Hospitals NHS Trust.

Tribunal judge Gerald Johnson said: 'The Trust acted in a highhanded, insulting, malicious and oppressive manner.' Dr Saiger often found there was no desk for her and she was forced to work from her vehicle in the hospital car park - while white male counterparts stayed in an office.

A hospital trust is to pay out £333,000 after telling a mixed race woman executive she was 'the wrong colour and culture for Cumbria'.

The Met Office issued some other facts and figures surrounding Storm Desmond, the fourth UK storm to be given a name this year.His son said: 'To the best of our knowledge we think this was a random murder.Dozens of flood warnings - issued when there is a risk of severe flooding and danger to life - remain in force across the north of England.Her boss is said to have told her she was 'the wrong colour and culture for Cumbria', an employment tribunal heard.Yesterday she was awarded £115,000 for personal injury and loss of earnings after successfully claiming race discrimination and unfair dismissal after a tribunal which also left the trust with a £218,000 legal bill.

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