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And then I have to tell you one more thing if I am being honest: A couple of sources said they spoke to us because we are women reporters with a long history of reporting on women.There were sources who had never spoken to any other journalist who said things like, “Every other journalist who has approached me is a man and I want to speak to a woman about this.” Well first of all I am not getting into confidential source conversations.So if you look at the Oscar announcements in 2013, the comedian Seth Mac Farlane is announcing the nominees …and says, “Congratulations ladies, you no longer have to pretend to be attracted to Harvey Weinstein.” I have listened to the tape and there is a lot of laughter on the tape.I will tell you something that looks really strange now.

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So the editors came to us and said basically: What do you think are the biggest untold stories?Because on the one hand, of course I believe in women coming forward. ” Now, obviously, as a reporter, I believe in people coming forward and believe it is my job to make it safe for people to tell the truth, but I really sympathized with their arguments about the kind of pressure that these victims faced.That is in many ways what this entire project has been about. So that is why we wanted as many documents, as many records of settlements …So many, many people were still afraid of him and I don’t want to understate that.But there was more of a feeling that he was at the end of his career.

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