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When putting on your stockings, pull the top-band up so it’s 1-2 finger widths below the crease of your knee.

(The stocking doesn’t have to be stretched out to be effective.) If there are wrinkles, smooth them out with the palms of your hands.

Often a skin reaction to silicone bands is caused by rubbing or friction, not from a reaction to the silicone itself.

There are 3 styles of silicone band: stripes, dots and Sensinnov (Sigvaris.) If one style irritates your skin, switching to another style may eliminate the problem.

Donning gloves are one of the most useful and inexpensive donning accessories.

If you have difficulty bending at the waist, consider using a stocking donner.

Measure around the widest part of your calf and check the size chart on the package.

If neither of these reasons are the cause, try a knee high with a silicone top-band.

Another very useful donning accessory is silicone lotion.

The lotion makes your legs very slippery for a short period of time, so the stockings can easily slide onto your foot and up your leg.

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