Tips for dating a transman

Relationships are constantly challenged by changes of all kinds because people themselves are always evolving.Sometimes it happens so fast (illness, a new job, a new birth or death in the family), that there’s no way to be prepared.Honestly, if I could go back and repeat that moment, I wouldn’t change a thing. Simon: I began the transition process about six weeks before I told my girlfriend at the time. First, I wanted to make sure that starting hormones felt “right” to me before I told a lot of people, particularly those with a much stronger vested interest in my gender/identity, like my girlfriend and my family.I had been debating about starting hormones for so long that I wanted to make it easy on myself to stop them if I didn’t like what happened, or if taking them didn’t make me feel any better.I told her over lunch while visiting her on the east coast.She took it well and didn’t seem too concerned at first.On the other hand I get why most straight woman would not want to date me.Leo: Coming out to my partner wasn’t difficult at all.

She told me she supported me and that was what I wanted to hear.

I understand why a lesbian would not want to date me.

I’m fabulous, but I look very, very much like a man.

There aren’t many huge changes in the first few months, so there wasn’t too much physiologically for me to discuss, and anything I did want to chat about, I talked to my trans friends about.

When I did tell my girlfriend, it was the first time we had seen each other in person in about four months.

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