Updating firmware on optical drives

[0015] Further, it is preferred that the judging means sequentially judges whether the optical disc is a CD-R or not, whether the optical disc includes one session or not, whether additional data can be consecutively recorded in the optical disc or not, whether one variable packet-type track is included within the one session or not, and whether the data recorded in the track is the update data.

[0016] Furthermore, it is preferred that the optical disc drive of the present invention is constructed so as to be able to carry out the update of the firmware without connecting to a host computer or a network.

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I'd completely forgotten that DVD-ROM players have firmware too (what doesn't?

[0025] Further, it is preferred that the optical disc having the predetermined format is a CD-R having one session in which one variable packet-type track is included, and additional data cannot be consecutively recorded in the optical disc.

[0026] The above described and other objects, structures and advantages of the present invention will be apparent when the following description of the preferred embodiment will proceed with reference to the appended drawings..

) and I'd gotten used to devices that got auto-flashed a driver, like some wireless cards.

Seems to me that firmware flashing is not only something that my Mom and Dad wouldn't know how to do - they shouldn't have to. Of course, firmware wasn't my problem, although it's nice to be up to date.

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