Updating java applet cache

I’ll just keep to the minimum that we need to make this tutorial work, and you can pick up the rest as you need it. Java Open GL, or yes, “JOGL” as it’s known to those of us in the know, such as myself, is maintained by the super-programmers at Jog Amp.

Obtain “Java Open GL”, or “JOGL” as it is commonly known Um, I-man? So grab the latest gluegen and JOGL archive files from here.

Java, Eclipse, and Open GL are all super-deep neck-beard topics that take years of study to master, so don’t feel like you need to totally comprehend every bit of these tutorials the first time you see them.

My main point in putting them up here is to give you working starting points for your own stuff and to get you past some common roadblocks, not to instantly transmute you into a super-genius like me.

To run Eclipse, you just unzip it into any directory and double-click on “eclipse.exe”.

The first time you run Eclipse, it’ll show you the world’s most unhelpful welcome page.

Then Eclipse will ask you what “workspace” to open.

Just be aware that if you want this tutorial to build on more than one platform without changing any Eclipse settings, it’s best to have the same version of the JDK installed on all your platforms.

After your JDK is set, download and install “Eclipse for RCP and RAP Developers” from here.

To run the tutorial: This runs the fully-developed tutorial, not just the simple donut below, but you can always paste the donut code into it if you like 🙂 Enjoy! I thought it dashing and flamboyant, much like myself. Don’t ask questions you don’t want answered, et cetera. At my day job, I write engineering apps that help chip designers make the chips that go into all your i Stuff. In this first tutorial, I’ll make a bare-bones app that draws a rotating 3-D demo object in a window using Java Open GL (JOGL).

Update on 6/6/2015: This tutorial’s gotten a bit out of date with changes to JOGL and Eclipse in the last couple of years. I am something of a Renaissance-being, but my current occupation is penning the headings between these paragraphs. But this guy comes highly recommended, so I figured I’d give him a try. But by night, and also on weekends, I write scientific apps as a hobby. I’m gonna write a set of tutorials that walk you through creating a cross-platform graphical app using Java, Open GL, and the Eclipse Rich Client Platform (“Eclipse RCP” for short). A brief description of the intended audience of this tutorial Nice heading, I-dog!

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