Updating xbox software

Update using a disc Use an update file contained on a game disc to update the system.

Starting in February 2014, Microsoft invited select users to join a preview program that enables them to receive early builds of upcoming system updates and experiment with the features prior to the public launch of the software.

The Shared Partition contained the Windows 8 Core at launch until November 2015, where via a system update known as the "New Xbox One Experience", it was upgraded to the Windows 10 Core.

With Windows 10, Universal Windows Platform apps became available on Xbox One.

the "Home" section contains a recent apps and games list, and shortcuts to "pinned" apps and games.

The "Community" section allows users to view their friends' in-game activities and captures, post status updates, In general, the top level menu of the Xbox One feels a lot less cluttered than the Xbox 360's dashboard.

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