Updating your insurance information

If you do decide to switch companies, make sure to do so carefully to avoid a gap in insurance.You can learn more on our How to Change Auto Insurance Providers page.Once you go to your account homepage, click on "View/Edit" personal information. Changes and Corrections to Name and Social Security Number Changes or corrections to your name or Social Security number must be submitted in writing.Depending on the type of change request, we may require appropriate documentation.Consider that any member of your household may need to drive your vehicle in an emergency before making the final decision to exclude him.The exact information you need to add a driver to your car insurance policy varies depending on your company, but there is some basic information that you are likely to need.Changes to Address, Phone Number, and Email If you need to make changes to your personal contact information such as phone number, address, or email, you can call us at 1-800-LTC-FEDS (1-800-582-3337) TTY 1-800-843-3557.You can also make these changes yourself online by clicking on the "My LTCFEDS Account" link in the top navigation of this page.

You are taking a big risk if you do not change the driver information on your car insurance policy when the drivers in your household change.

In some states, you can exclude a driver with a poor driving record in order to reduce your car insurance rates.

Call your car insurance company to find out if driver exclusions are permitted in your state, and, if so, how much you'll save on your premium by doing so.

Finally, if the driver has obtained a new policy, you may need the effective start date of that policy.

Contact your car insurance company to see what additional information is necessary when updating your policy. getting married or getting a new roommate), it can be a good time to reassess your auto insurance.

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