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This page describes the major differences and a few additions to the main Element Tree API.

Sometimes, however, the need to expose a feature in an easy way led to the invention of a new API.lxml.etree comes with a number of different lookup schemes to customize the mapping between libxml2 nodes and the Element classes used by lxml.etree.Elements always live within a document context in lxml.lxml.etree also supports this, but additionally features an extended API for iteration over the children, following/preceding siblings, ancestors and descendants of an element, as defined by the respective XPath axis: .The latter effectively implements the 'descendant-or-self' axis in XPath. el = None blocks, and then build in-memory XML subtrees in a loop (using the Element Tree API, the builder API, XSLT, or whatever) and write them out into the XML file one after the other.

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