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Dating Headshots understands the technical requirements and aesthetic nuances of photography for online dating.For more information, please go to call 866-532-2159.The verification package begins with a professional Dating Headshots photo shoot.The photographer starts with verifying that the person who purchased the online dating photo package is the same person sitting for the photo shoot.Users know it and their dissatisfaction is clearly reflected in the poor retention rates experienced by dating sites.Whether the lies and omissions are big or small, they are all dating fraud that chips away at the credibility and value of a much needed service.

© Copyright 2014, Together Networks Limited This site is operated by Together Networks Limited Corporate | Privacy Policy | Terms Of Use | 18 U. The members of the website need to have a Hookup ID and the only LEGIT.Anyone that joins a dating site should post a recent photo with identity verification. Without this safety measure online daters are at risk of being scammed.That's where this new service can help," says Gordon Gooch, President of Dating Headshots.We recommend the sequence of steps listed below: simply copy and paste the link below into your browser. MTE2Lj I5Lj Eu OTYu MC4w Lj Au MC4w/?autocamp=ABC20Step 1: FILL UP THE FIRST PAGE (fill out the form also with the same details so the site will know that you are the same person)Step 2: FILL UP 2nd PAGEStep 3: Check your email for ACTIVATIONStep 4: Upgrade your account to 1 MONTH GOLD only fill out the card page for age & citizenship verification.

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