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Jeana Keough's friend joined the cast for Season 3 (and only Season 3), where she was known as the "Christian cougar." The mother of two never really seemed to mesh with the cast and is seemingly the first woman not asked back by Bravo.

She has been spotted in the background of later seasons... According to her website, Quinn splits her time between Orange County and Northern California and works as a marketing manager for Cox Communications.

She hasn't tweeted since 2012, but sometimes pops up on her daughter's Instagram feed. We saw her mourn the death of her fiancé Jeff, then move on with serial Housewives boyfriend Slade Smiley.

The pair got engaged on Gretchen's final season.

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After the first season's 2006 run, Kimberly moved from the O. to the suburbs of Chicago, fleeing the California sun after a skin cancer scare. The show wasn't a hit, and Jo gave up singing for a more practical career in marketing and advertising. She's also been dating marketing executive Mark Lovette for more than two years.

Tenure: Two seasons Tagline: "I don't let my kids or my exes drive me crazy."Tammy was one of the first "replacement" wives, joining the O. cast in Season 2 to fill Kimberly Bryant's void.

We saw her fight with her teen daughters Megan and Lindsey, and with the father of her toddler-aged son, but Tammy never brought the drama with the other women.

She and her husband of 22 years, Frank, divorced in 2013. Tenure: Five seasons Tagline: "I'm smart, I'm sexy, and I'm confident.

It appears Lynne is still trying to go global with her cuffs, but she may be struggling to make ends meet – reports surfaced in late 2013 that the former reality star had less than 0 to her name. Of course people are gonna talk about me."Gretchen went from fan favorite to kind of hated over her five-year run, exiting the show after Season 8.

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