Who is lara logan dating

Gaël Pollãs, an expert on celebrities, calls Theuriau "not an excellent journalist." However, "people find her beautiful, independent-minded and nice, and that is enough." Clearly, her fan base, many of which don't even understand French, is not aroused by her intellect.Logan's complex, however, reminds me a lot of a recent episode of where a beautiful model walks into the plastic surgery office and tells the doctor she is sick of being "perfect." She wants to undergo surgery to look normal, even ugly-- so that she might experience a day where she wouldn't be hit on, subject to any special attention, nor get the stink eye from jealous hags who were threatened by her halo of beauty. The doctor refuses to operate on her perfectly sculpted everything and actually ends up seducing her, no surprise here.While commercials may be ready to accept realer looking people, the news, I'm afraid, is not.Look at Mélissa Theuriau, a French journalist and news anchor who has been hailed as the most beautiful newscaster in the world by and countless sexually charged You-tubers who catapulted her into international fame in 2007 when a compilation of her news clips gained over 800,000 views.

Before 2002, Lara Logan covered wars and national turmoil in Zimbabwe, Kosovo, Angola, Mozambique, India, Gaza and the West Bank.It's no secret that attractive faces tend to be plastered on all forms of media.(Please note that I am not at all saying they are talentless, but their looks have definitely been helpful in securing careers.) Though a few years ago, when I was acting in commercials, my agent said there was finally a surge of "real people" roles that allowed regular-looking folks to represent the mainstream (or themselves) instead of their size two supermodel counterparts.Prior to becoming an Internet sensation, Theuriau worked early morning hours on LCI, a domestic news channel that no one, not even the French, watched.Thanks to her digital newsroom of admirers, Theuriau was thrust into the celebrity spotlight and found herself a new job as presenter and editor of "Zone Interdite" (Forbidden Zone), a popular investigative news program.

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