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This was then followed by the era of European conquest, first with Portugal, and then the Dutch.

Melaka and Jayakarta (Batavia/Jakarta), became the two important port cities essential for the strait’s trade monopoly, as any naval access to China and South East Asia could only go through the straits.

Parameswara, who previously fled Palembang, then established Melaka, whose successor visited the Chinese Emperor, married a Chinese General’s Daughter (potentially Zheng He’s Daughter?

) and set up a Straits Chinese settlement at Bukit Cina in Melaka.

He was known for his passion in education and has published countless educational materials and translated works.

He was also one of the founding father of the Straits Chinese society and School, ‘Teong Hoa Hwe Kwan’.

Lie Lim Hok (1853-1912), was a Peranakan born in Bogor, Java.

He was a teacher, writer, publisher, translator and many other things.

Volksraad is a council of representations, as a form of Dutch East Indies plan for gradual democratisation.Their proficiency in Sumatran Malay allowed them access to prestigious administrative jobs and even in local politics.This indirectly brought a new generation of well educated intellectual Straits Chinese who were able to express their idea through a new modern identity.The industrious and thrifty nature of Straits Chinese, allowed them to attain wealth and status, and thus enable them to inherit their children with better education.With the end of VOC’s monopoly, as a result of ‘Geger Pacinan’ Massacre, competition for business opened up.

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