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Matlin: It was a teacher who I looked up to and became friendly with. I wanted good grades, you know, and I wanted his approval. Now the other thing is you were then molested again, in high school, when you were 14, by a teacher. We were truly in love in a relationship, but part of that was love-hate. Behar: Tell me about the abusive part of the relationship with him. The pair were always under the radar and shocked everyone when they made their first appearance as a couple at the Academy Awards in 2006.Krista famously dumped Aussie-rules footballer Marcus Baldwin to be William’s date for the event. Matlin: It tells a lot more than I anticipated I would. After I did "Dancing With the Stars," so many e-mails came, so many fan letters came saying how inspiring I was.

I went to public mainstream schools [in Chicago] with a deaf program in it.

Behar: Did you think it was molestation or did you think you were having a relationship with a teacher?

And when I found out 10 years later, after graduating from high school, that other women in school had the same experience.

But I wanted to pass along the message that there was much more to me than that.

Behar: Your husband that you have now, your present husband?

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