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Download your favorite scenes from our newest release M-I-B's in Distress!These are strong tied and gagged men, held captive by some feminine beauties.After a brief rest Robby felt ready to try the door again, but unfortunately, he was caught!He was left rope-leashed in the closet so that he wouldn't be able to make any more escape attempts!Robbie Echo has Victoria June dominating him with her lovely bare feet.Donnie Rock is held hostage by teasing Christiana Cinn.They both figured that if Femme Cat left Dogo bound, it would look to his gang like he'd simply been overpowered.

Tough moll Riley Reyes stashed NATHAN BRONSON in a corner, then she went off to make preparations.Young businessman Robby Echo is hard at work when a robber desperate to escape invades his office. When the burglar learns that Robby's father is a wealthy executive, he decides to take the unfortunate young man with him.After a call is made demanding a payoff that will bring his release, Robby is gagged with duct-tape by the skull-masked crook!She stuffed a wad of cloth into Nathan's mouth and made sure it would stay put.Having cut off Nathan's pleading, Riley entertained herself by tickling her unhappy captive.

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