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This topic assumes that you have some basic knowledge of the CLR and object-oriented programming.

In order to follow the examples in this topic, you should also understand XAML and know how to write WPF applications.

The Data Context property provides a convenient way to establish a data scope.

Say you have many controls and you want all of them to bind to the same source.

In this case, you set the Data Context property of your Stack Panel to that source so that all elements in that Stack Panel inherit that common source.

The Text Box and Text Block in this example both inherit the binding source from the Stack Panel.

In WPF, you typically use data binding to establish a connection between the properties of two objects.

In this relationship, one object is referred to as the source and one object is referred to as the target.

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This means if you have a data-bound Text Box, the default behavior is that the source does not get updated until the Text Box loses focus. In the simplest terms, the One Way mode is read-only (with respect to the source) and the Two Way mode is read-write.Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) provides a set of services that can be used to extend the functionality of a common language runtime (CLR) property.Collectively, these services are typically referred to as the WPF property system.This is fine for check boxes and other simple controls, but it is usually not appropriate for text fields.Updating after every keystroke can diminish performance and it denies the user the usual opportunity to backspace and fix typing errors before committing to the new value.

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