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Here are some of the highlights: With tons of singles ready to mingle, more progressive populations, and plenty of earth-friendly date options, coastal states dominate the field.

This correlates with findings from the dating website Green Singles, which counts its highest user concentrations in California, New York, and Florida. That’s why we contacted Jill Crosby—CEO of and founder of the Conscious Dating Network (CDN)—to help us contextualize our findings. I think the idea of green living is definitely spreading and states are learning from each other’s initiatives. They used to be in the car industry, but now it’s all about solar panels there.”We graded states on each metric using a 51-point scale, with a score of 1 representing the most favorable conditions for eco-conscious singles.

The data also correlates with online green dating trends from Green and the Conscious Dating Network.

According to Jill Crosby, founder of the Conscious Dating Network, “Our members tend to have jobs and businesses that are in alignment with their hearts and values.

3 place for eco-friendly singles in search of love, according to Just Energy, a world leader in renewable energy and green living.

The JE team pulled data on each states’ singles per capita—creating a ranked list for The Best States for Eco-Friendly Dating (see below for complete rankings). It ranked high for every category, with plenty of singles in the dating pool, and lots of green living options throughout the city.

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The JE team sought input from Jill Crosby, founder of the Conscious Dating Network, to learn more about this niche dating pool.This includes the number of Electric Vehicle charging stations and how many vegetarian restaurants there are.Oregon topped the rankings with 1.57 single-person households (by million), 118.8 EV stations per 1 million people, 41.4 vegan/vegetarian restaurants per 1 million people, and a 62.1 (out of 100) well-being index score.And don’t even think about reaching for your credit card because you won’t need it!As it turns out, there’s no definitive guide to this sort of thing, so we decided to try our hand at mapping out our nation’s green-dating landscape.

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